National Library of Luxembourg
Hawai'i State Foundation on Culture and the Arts
Robert E. Kennedy Library at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo
Prof. Graham Fleming and Ms. Jean McKenzie
Honnald Library, Scripps College, Claremont, CA
William Andrews Clark Memorial Library, University of California, Los Angeles
Marine Midland Bank, New York
Downey, Brand, Seymour and Rohwer, Sacramento, CA
South Coast Repertory Theatre, Irvine, CA
The Sacramento Bee, Sacramento, CA
The City of Newport Beach, CA
Brown and Bigelow, St. Paul, Min.
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Dyke, Houston, TX
Mrs. Martin Weinberg, Newport Beach, CA
Mr. and Mrs. Victor Klein, Newport Beach, CA
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Secretan, Corona del Mar, CA
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Emett, Balboa, CA
Ms. Colleen Johns, Newport Beach, CA
Mr. Hal Briscoe, Santa Ana, CA
Ms. Sophie Vrignaud, Newport Coast, CA
Ms. Maureen Nolen, Newport Beach, CA
Ms. Chung Cha Ziesel Fitch, Irvine, CA
Ms. Robin Vaccarino, Studio City, CA
Ms. Jean Burg, Sherman Oaks, CA
Ms. Kitty Maryatt, Agoura, CA
Ms. Carolee Campbell, Sherman Oaks, CA
Ms. Jean Gillingwators, Upland, CA
Ms. Joan Seaver Kurze, Santa Barbara, CA
Ms. Sylvia Impert, Long Beach, CA
Mr. Edward Baker, Irvine, CA
Dr. David Kabakoff, Rancho Santa Fe, CA
Ms. Jennifer Schaffner, San Francisco, CA
Mr. William Marcaux, Jr., Nashua, NH
Ms. Christine Ness, Santa Ana, CA
Mr. and Mrs. John Powers, Santa Ana, CA
Ms. Mary Austin, San Francisco, CA
Ms. Archana Horsting, director and co-founder of Kala Art Institute